Arch bar or not on FFB?

I got a new Freedom Foil boards Fusion (4’0” if that matters). They send it with two options for this rear pad. One has a horizontal arch bar, the other is flat. Take a look at the pics- the horizontal bar is directly in the middle of the rear strap inserts, which implies your back foot will be centered over it most of the time. Anyone install the arch and love it? Or anyone hate it?
My intuition is that a vertical arch bar would be better, which is not an option.

The board currently has neither rear pad affixed. I am holding it in place for the pic.

Here is an image that shows where that pad (the one that says Freedom) is relative to the boxes and inserts:

That looks terrible! A nice bump going across the board to catch a toe on to ruin as many pop ups as possible! God if you had boots on you wouldn’t stand a chance. I feel like maybe this is a thing for bigger size wing boards where your stance is farther forward(like your back foot is in front of that pad and it’s serving as a heel kick.

I have a freedom board with their deck pad. It is the third board I had from them, and I learned after the first two that I needed to ride the board and set up foil on it for that arch pad to be useful. Guessing where the deck pad goes doesn’t work very well.
I have that arch pad set up where my back foot moves to while pumping back out. This also let my back foot stay against the back of the pad setup when surfing.
I need queues so I don’t have to look at my feet.

NOPE! I put one on a prone board and immediately ripped it off.

I didnt use the bump on mine, what someone said about it being something to catch your toe on during a pop up to ruin a wave. Also once you’re better you dont need to look around to get your feet set correctly, you can feel where they should be and adjust without looking.

Thanks everyone. I think I’ll exclude it. I might put it on another board later as as a vertical arch bar.

I have the arch bar on my fusion and it works realy well. Nothing catches. When I ride the wave my foot is behind the bar an when I pump back out I moove the foot slightly in front of the bar so I can push against it when pumping.