Aspect ratio of boards

how much you looking in the aspect ration of the downwind boards?
as all board getting extremely long , seems to me that is important to compare them not only by visual shape but also by aspect ratio ( length\width)
for example:
Armstrong 8’2X16 3/4" - 5.8 AR
F-one 8’0x18" 110L - 5.0 AR
StarBoard 8’2x18" 100L 5.5 AR
Sonuva 7’6x18" 113L - 4.9 AR

what do you thinks?

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I made a spreadsheet for this

Seems like the AR is going steadily up, and this is only downwind boards, I’m sure wing boards have gone up too

Median AR for brands by year:

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Yep, I look at it with guild factor added in too.