Downwind Foil Destinations

Couldn’t be more stoked on Downwind at the moment and excited to check out some new spots, other than the Gorge. We couldn’t ask for a better spot to call home but interested to hear where other people have had success with conditions and good runs?

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West Oz (Perth)
Summer downwind season has just begun.
25km coastal blue water runs on our doorstep.
Just watch out for the big fishes and balls of seaweed.


Seemingly where there are downwind surfski/paddle races.

Hawaii obviously prime.

Caribbean windward islands would be my bet?

Aus, South Africa have huge DW paddling scenes, but also huge :shark:

Northeast Brazil. Fortaleza-Cumbuco 30+km solo runs every day on board shorts

Foil Sessions shared a post on Instagram: "Downwind Barra do Ceará - Cumbuco 20km parte 1". Follow their account to see 266 posts.


Caribean French Island called Guadepoupe is hosting a sup/ski/oc/prone/foil Race end of january. It is a 40km race along the coast. I guess for US resident such as east coast it is pretty manageable to come.
Last year was light with seaweed on the way but still pretty fun.
There is also one really good surf foil wave.

There is the chat about it I did with James :