Gorge Review: Wingfoiling the AFS Silk

I’ve been working on my review of the AFS Silk out here in the Columbia River Gorge. Please check it out if you are interested and let me know your thoughts as well as what else I could include/provide for info on future reviews!


Cost aside, if you had to choose the AFS mast or the Cedrus which one would you go?

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Incredibly tough decision. For the 1050 I would go AFS mast for sure. That combo is untouchable in my eyes.

For the 850 I’m on the fence. At 87kg I want just a touch more speed and glide out of that kit. I think the AFS 75cm mast with the 100mm chord would do it. If you need length up to 85cm though, the Evolution Surf is the choice.

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Great write up.

Fwiw, I have been riding the 650 on a 78cm NoLimitz V2 mast and have found it to be a joy.

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I bet! Surfing or winging it?

Surfing. I am terrible at winging. :grimacing:

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