Anyone compared those 12+ AR foils?

I can’t find any head to head comparison for those new very high aspect foils ( Code, Lift, ART, Gofoil, F-one, etc).
Curious to know esp in the sub 1000cm² the comparison for glide, speed, turning abilities, stall speed.

Numbers mean nothing anymore.

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Wow didn’t realize this was even possible… how does this translate to prone?

Even some of the the DW race guys are running tiny kitefoil race gear now. Just wild how efficient some of these foils (and riders) have gotten.

Axis classification by span makes the most sense in comparing. But there’s no comparison/classification for foil profile which is equally important IMHO

What we actually want to compare foils aren’t numbers describing the shape, but numbers describing how it performs.

I think Sabfoil gives the most performance data of any manufacturer, a speed range for a single rider weight.

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I ride Code. sell code.
but also test lots of foils in the range of lift, north, mikes lab, Armstrong,
Lots to talk about, but you cannot look at area of a foil and think its going to be similar to another foil ina different range at the same size. there is so much to look at in terms of how a foil will ride, glide. Testing is truly the only way. Im always free to chat about it.

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