Best 550 foil for towing

What’s the best mid (7.5-8) aspect 550 tow wing?
Is army coming out with a 475ma?

The 650 I’m riding is just perfect and I’m on 2-4ft groundswell reef waves. I feel like for 3ft+ I could go down a size.

maybe the f-one sk8? i prone the 850 and it loves waves with some power

I’ve only ridden the Cloud IX 550 - So it’s the best for me :sweat_smile:
Was able to handle big and middle chicama days and it has a great range from low to high end. Now with the new Catalyst, it’s even more balanced and better foot even pressure, (the past versions of stabs delivered a bit too much front pressure), also now it keeps it’s loose skaty feeling at even higher speeds.
Rolling it’s like going with a surf skate with loose trucks, it’s super reactive yet stable.
AR is only 8,5 or 8,6 -

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