Dead back leg, real quick!

Hey, has anyone got any good technique recommendations for pumping between waves. I can link waves pretty comfortably but find my back quad fatiguing way faster than anything else. I can start a session fresh and on the first wave if there is a long pump sesh my back leg is gone.

Wondering if there could be some pumping technique suggestions or maybe foil tuning suggestions to help?


Move your back foot towards the tail. Or move your mast forward towards the nose of the board.

Knowing what gear you’re on would help us give better tips too.

Ok I’ll give these tips a shot, cheers. I am currently riding axis 999 proto (990), ultrashort fuse, 375 progressive rear and 75cm maast.

hey jack

so you have an imbalance on your foil setup , your rear leg is doing the work of what your stabilizer should be doing. As mentioned above , you can move your foil further forwards in the boxes or

you can shim your rear stab so it has a bit more angle on it or

you can go to a bigger sized rear stab


Cheers Clifford, I will give shimming a go as I really like where I have my mast for wave riding

Jackzed, or anyone with back leg burnout, adding to the above comments-
Take your mast tool with you in your wetsuit or stash on the beach. Or get wing screws.
Ride one wave/run.
If you back leg is burnt out at the end, come in and move mast forward 1cm/ 1/2 inch only.
Go catch wave two.
If your back leg is still burnt out, move mast another 1/2 inch.
Repeat until you feel no difference between legs at the end of a ride. Then you are balanced. Listen to your body. Always start at the back of your track boxes then work forwards, not the other way.

P375 is a fairly large Axis prone stab, so stab size or AOA is not the issue. Balance your mast and work on pump technique. Fast and flat, not porpoising.
Also try to reduce stance width. Bring back foot over or slightly in front of mast, never behind the mast. Creep your front foot back.


Great tips thanks JFoils, I will give this a go!

If you like your surf setup then move your stance. Downwinding opened up front foot movement for me and I now do it prone too. Move your back foot an inch or two back and your front foot up so your stance is narrower and farther back but center of gravity on the board is farther up. So net gain is more weight on your front foot. You’ll also save energy in a narrower stance. On dw runs I also move my feet in and out when other muscles start to tire out. Generally its back calf and moving way offset will help that.


Roger, I’ll give that a go, thank you. I shimmed my rear wing last session and that definitely helped, but there is still work to be done to reach overall balance between my legs. Cheers for the help team