Donwind foil conditions

in your opinion what are the optimal DW conditions? wind? swell? direction of wind in relation to the coast? i wanto to start dw, at my spot we have side onshore wind from N and sweel from NW. is this good?

Hi Yann.

In my experience and my spot, conditions are pretty cool cause the wind is cross-on but as you go out the coast it gets more like side to the coast, swell it’s more cross-on and it makes the crossed effect of the wind bumps going side of the coast and letting you correct your direction out the coast, and the swell lets you go in, I think that’s ideal so you can play with the directions you want to go with both energies.

It’s better to explain it with a map thou :rofl:

In my experience which is relatively limited, and primarily stuck with too little wind and too much swell, what I look for is:

20-25 knots cross onshore wind and no swell is ideal.

25+ knot wind maybe a bit wild, less than 20 is a bit difficult without good technique

Ground swell makes it harder to paddle up, timing of bumps and not getting stuck behind swell once up means you want as little swell as possible. If any swell, the more lined up with the wind the better. The bigger the deviation in direction the more chaotic it gets