eFoil For Sale - Lift Pro 4'2" v3

$8400, prefer local meetup in Jacksonville Florida area.

Lift 4’2" eFoil v3, blue color, light battery, 28" mast. Choice of wings: 150 Surf V2 w/ 38 tail or 170 Classic. Included is a case for the prop/mast, a board bag, wing cover and a charger.

There are a few minor scratches to the paint just from setting it down on the sand. The battery has had only 5 charge/discharge cycles.

Purchased in August of 2022, used a few times; I prefer other types of foiling but it was a good intro to the sport.

Available separately is a Zarges battery case for $500 and an LCS folding prop kit for $700.

Link to post on craigslist for more photos: Lift 4'2" eFoil - sporting goods - by owner - sale

This has been sold, and I can’t reply without typing more than 20 characters :man_shrugging:

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