Floating Winch design

Jeremy doing [the little whip into a wave above made me think you actually only need a chip to get onto foil out the back, and the rest largely luxury.

I wonder about a floating static launcher, to pop you onto foil, and then you can pump to link into a set.

A floating electric winch with sea anchor probably can’t be banned?

Foildrives are already waterproof, I wonder what it would take to add a gearing adaptor to turn the Gen1 products on marketplace into a winch. Possibly the gearing would need to be super high?

I’ve seen a very cool DIY e-bike to winch conversion, so this would probably be the cheapest, issue would be waterproofing?

Any engineering wizards able to tell me which approach would be best? Cheapest would be the ebike, and the brushless motors seem pretty water tolerant

A paddle is the best foil assist on the market. Nobody enjoys learning to SUP though.


this is in addition to SUP

the low tech version we’ve been doing is to just pull the rope, works surprisingly well!