Foiling Performance and Injury Prevention

Hi Guys

I am a Physiotherapist in West Aus. A mate of mine recently injured his knee foiling and I assisted with his recovery. He gave me the idea to create an online injury prevention and performance exercise program specific to foiling.

I’ve put together a 12 week exercise program designed for foilers with the specific goals of preventing common injuries, improving pump performance, pump endurance and surf performance. Jeremy Wilmotte and Dave West talk about it briefly on their latest podcast here

It is available for purchase on my website here

I hope people can find it helpful Keen to hear any feedback



Interesting, could you share why foiling might be damaging to knees etc?

Foiling isn’t inherently damaging
But some of the reasons it may cause pain would be volume of plyometric type movements (pumping) and pivoting. Typically for a lot of people they wouldn’t have had previous exposure to so much essentially jumping and twisting

Are you getting knee pain?

Not really, though I wonder about the asymmetrical movement and how that could cause imbalance

potentially, but not inherently
arguably foiling would be protective and healthy for knees and other joints

Good to know! About all I do save for the occasional run :smiley:

I would still recommend some form of resistance training, world health org recommends 2 days per week minimum. But foiling is definitely healthy

Hey Josh
Good stuff
I’ve been having inflamed knee for almost a month now. It started after an intense day of wakeboarding and foiling after
Seems like a created a ‘jumpers’ knee and keep having it inflamed every time I restart some mild activity

Any advice on how to get back to the water soon ?

I’m considering an mri

MRI probably isnt that helpful and is very unlikely to change the management strategy
I’d suggets seeing a physio for a diagnosis, tendinopathies like jumpers knee respond well to structured deload, followed by progressive reloading with rehabilitation exercise and structured return to activity
Happy to offer telehealth rehab via online consultation if you want