Footstrap Recommendations

For those who use them, what are your favorite footstraps?

I have been using the send it straps from one by one and they are the best I’ve found but curious if there are other good options I’m missing.

Need something solid enough for jumping. Nothing too stiff - I like to be able to lay on them or step on them comfortably. Ideally something that doesn’t absorb water (the send it straps do absorb some water).

Most of the dakine straps I’ve tried are overbuilt and kind of bulky.

My sense is that most of the EVA straps aren’t solid enough for jumping but maybe I’m wrong.

I’m using these winging.

The NSI straps are very comfortable and soft enough to step on. Non adjustable though if that matters

Paul Cooper - One by One Foil

One by One (

Those are what I use. The new ones aren’t holding up very well though (they changed the materials a bit) and I don’t love how much water they take on. That said - the complaints are minor and they are still the best I’ve found.

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I don’t foil with straps but for kiting in waves on big days these are my favorite:

I’ve used the non adjustable version of these and they are super comfortable and even keep your feet warm… the downside is they tend to fold under on occasion making for switches tricky with the extra width

I’ve been using the Adam Koch NSI since they came out with them and it’s great, but yes, if you step on it just right it folds and you have wiggle your big toe in to lift it up again.

The dakine straps are a bit bulky but I feel like that’s a small price to pay for comfort while riding.

I use - bulky(ish) front straps

I’ve used Gong - which I like, JP meh, and kite straps - comfy but need to have them loose.

On tha back however I have used all of the above - then ditched them for the Eva straps.

(Actually a very thin 3mm webbing and foam strap I found)

This means that I can stand on the back strap and it’s no big deal. Which is really useful.

Hope that helps.

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Use those! Cannot recommend them enough.
Tucker from Mackkite talked about them in some video or comments with the omen flux i think…

They are 1.5inches/3.8cm longer than standard straps.

Meaning that you can mount them in the longest holes in the outermost inserts at the front foot ( i did that on my ak phazer 5’3/66l, mostly winging, Feet US9), so the strap is quite a bit wider than normal meaning it’s way easier to get in, you can still move your foot fwd/bckward in the strap a bit for trim and also don’t get hung up as easily when falling, actually like a lot less. I had twisted my toe with normal ones last winter and had stopped using straps because of this.
On the back foot with centred inserts you can mount them in closer inserts but still in the longest setting so they end up rounder/higher/less flat allowing so you can slip in even deeper moving your backfoot on the other side of the board for an offset stance.

Been using them for maybe 6 sessions now, never had any issues sliding out unvoluntarily although way wider. Actually started jumping through the confidence i got from them, realizing straight airs are way easier than i thought, landings are really soft…i ended up jumping every couple of metres in my first session with them, loved it…somebody could have told me there was absolutely no reason to shit myself…:wink:

Hope this helps.

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Thanks. I used to kite foil with the NSI straps and those could work but they are fairly similar to the one by ones, but the one by one is wider from my memory.

Also just noticed the Ride Engine minimalist straps. EVA with a webbing reinforcement. Might have to give them a shot.

The straps themselves are pretty simple. good enough for me…the advantage is in the extra length. a lot longer than any straps i have seen
i think foiling straps need to be different than kite or eindsurf straps as the forces and movements in falls are different. imho those are a game changer.

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How do people like the FFB straps? Looks pretty minimal and light, but wide, and no water absorption. Might have to give them a shot.

The newer version of the one by one straps aren’t holding up for me. The original version was great, and functionally the new ones are great too, but the faux leather material they use now is falling apart - probably because I often put my board on the ground upside down (on the straps).

I make my own EVA straps. I take two pieces of EVA with sticky and Sandwich those around a piece of ratchet strap webbing. I then I just burn a hole through for the screw hole. You can make these as light in Bendy, or stiff and strong as you want with just thicker ratchet strap webbing.

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I like this. You haven’t had issues with the strap ripping around the screw (assume you are using a washer, but not sure if the hole weakens the webbing)? Do you reinforce the webbing around the screw at all?

Might have to give it a go.

I have a few sessions on the FFB straps behind the boat. I like them a lot!

Couple of my first air attempts in this video using them: