For Sale Armstrong MA800 and Cedrus Armstrong Fuse 60cm

Selling Armstong MA800 at 650.00
Cedrus Armstrong Fuse at 400.00

Used only 2 times. Selling because of ongoing knee injury.
No scratches in perfect, brand new looking condition
Located in Socal

(sold)Also up for sale is Kane Armstrong fitment Marlin 14 inch tail.
It is Kanes new tail that is super fast/ efficient / turns very well/ and has great lift for its size.
Does everything extremly well. (Update Sold)

Had a few questions about fuse.
It is a new Cedrus fuse that fits derectly on a Cedrus Mast that has interchangable front foil and tail sections. It is an amazingly well built and designed piece. Feels like a one piece fuse and is super solid and efficient when foiling. Cedrus is coming out with Takuma front and tail pieces next I believe that can attach to this same fuse. Armstong foil and tail fit perfect and snug on the fuse with no play what so ever.

Some more pictures please dm if you have any questions


DM’ing about the tail

Heads up all gear is sold.