For Sale: Axis mast to Takuma fuselage adapter + Takuma 178 tail

I have a few things for sale:

  • Adapter to use an Axis 19mm mast with a standard Takuma (non-HD) fuselage, similar to an Axis doodad but for Takuma. Includes screws and two 1 degree shims. This is a used prototype, scratched but 100% functional - $120
  • New Takuma 178 tail, no screws or case - $200
  • Used Takuma 85cm mast, only used several times and in good condition - $120

The adapter and the tail I can ship for free in the US, The mast would be for local pickup (San Francisco Bay area - 3rd Ave, Coyote Point, or Shoreline Lake).

Axis to Takuma adapter is sold.

@walter , sent you a DM on the 178 tail.

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Takuma 178 tail sold.