For Sale - hand wings + some SabFoil and Lift gear

Windance is curating the sale of this used gear for me.

14.1m2 Peter Lynn Vapor, $100 fixed bridle open cell kite for buggy in light winds

3m2 Concept Air Wave kite, $100 interesting high wind kite-foil kite

6m2 Ozone Wasp V2, $275 little use

5.5m2 Slingshot Slingwing V3, $275 little use

4m2 Slingshot Slingwing V3, $125 repair by on sail cloth

32" Lift mast, $400 ~=81 cm

28" Lift mast, $400 ~= 71 cm

24" Lift mast, $350 ~= 61cm

250 Lift HA Front Wing $400 ~= 1612 cm2 good for bigger rider or light winds on the hand wing

1550 Sabfoil Leviathan, B $400 2140 cm2 AR 11.3 pump wing dockstart or light wind cheat code on the hand wing. Add a DW board and wing under 10 knots

1250 Sabfoil front wing, B- $350 2400 cm2 AR 6.5 this is a better beginner wing for a heavier rider or a more manageable light wind wing than the Leviathan

1000 Sabfoil hydrofoil wing, $350 1200 cm2 AR 10.1 I rode this on the wing foil in reasonable winds and also the kite-foil in very very light winds

699 Sabfoil hydrofoil wing, $350 880 cm2 AR 5.75 for kite or wing foil

M6 Sabfoil Kraken Fuselage, $75 unused

Hi interested in the M6 sab fuselage. Do you know the length? thanks, Mike.

Interest on the 32” lift mast
Can you send some pictures of it?

I believe its an F713K (713 mm) but I would hate to give incorrect information. I left the fuselage at Windance. They have been super responsive. The number is stamped on the bottom of the fuselage and in the format F[length in mm]K. Perhaps if you gave them a call or sent an email they would verify that for you?

I left the mast at Windance and I am not town so I no longer have the ability to do that. Mast is in very good condition but alas no covers. The nice people at Windance have been super helpful. Perhaps if you gave them a call or sent an email the could answer any questions as a trusted intermediary?


Hi. Thanks for getting back to me. I message them and yes its the 713. Gonna pass though, prefer the shorter ones. Cheers, Mike.

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