For sale JIm Stringfellow Stingy Takuma Cedrus Fuse rare 7071 Aluminum 60 fuse with custom 5 hole tail placement

Hello I have a custom made Jim Stringfellow Takuma fuse made for Cedrus mast made out of higher grade 7071 Aluminum fuse.
This fuse connects directly to cedrus mast so you do not have to have an adaptor and is perfect/ solid fit.
Best way to run Kujira 1 foils.
60 length with custom 5 hole 15 mm apart tail placement.
So you can move tail up or back to act as a shorter or longer fuse.

Paid 325.00 and I think does not make them anymore out of higher grade aluminum.

I would like to purchase the fuse

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Please txt me or call.
Iā€™m looking to buy a Takuma fuse if yours is still for sale.

Will pay shipping