For Sale: Unifoil Progression Foil Setup - Australia

Unifoil Progression Foil Setup

One of the best foil setups you can get from beginner to advanced riders. Made to glide and pump beyond it’s size yet surfs/wings/downwinds incredibly well.

Included in the kit:

Unifoil Progression 170 Wing
Unifoil Progression 125 Wing
Unifoil Katana 83 Mast
Unifoil Progression 14.5 Carbon Tail
Unifoil 13 G10 Shiv Tail
Unifoil 13 G10 Shank Tail
Unifoil 13 G10 Shunt Tail
Unifoil 2 Bolt Carbon Medium 33cm Fuselage
Unifoil 2 Bolt Carbon Large 39cm Fuselage
Full Titanium Mounting Kit/Tool Bag with Shims
All Carrying bags and covers.

$4000AUD for everything

Pickup from Cronulla or Liverpool Areas