FS - Cedrus Carbon, 80 cm, Strongmount - SOLD

Selling an 80cm carbon Cedrus with silver strongmount. Will also include the Uni adapter. I used this for a season, but its in very good condition. No nicks or scratches on the mast. The two ends (metal) have some very minor cosmetic scuffing from the interface with the mounts, but nothing concerning at all. Will include a padded Slingshot mast cover as well.

Thinking $600 + shipping (from MA).

Note - I’m traveling at the moment and soonest I can ship is 8/18.

I am interested, would you consider $600 shipped to 32789? (Central Florida)

If you can send pics andyray1983@gmail.com that would be awesome, thank you!

Let’s figure something out. Depending on cost either I’ll pay or we can split the shipping.

I’m traveling right now but as soon as I’m back on the 18th I’ll send some pics.

It’s such a good mast but I’m on only one foil brand now so I don’t need the adaptability of it and don’t want it to gather dust!

Fair enough, enjoy the trip, hit me up when you’re back!

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FWIW I just picked up a 75cm Carbon Cedrus w/Uni adapter and very happy with it. A full pound lighter than 83cm Uni Katana. Good luck with sale/purchase!

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Yea, with strongmount and adapter it weighs 1770g and my Katana is 2170g (400g difference = 0.9 lbs) which you surprisingly notice when carrying the setup. No complaints at all with the Cedrus, just don’t need the adaptability of it anymore.

If anyone is looking to make a complete foil I am selling a cab h1000 with 2 tails and cab cedrus adaptor, going cheap.

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Ive ridden this same mast with the Cabrinha H series wings (although I don’t have them anymore) and I agree, its an excellent setup. The stiff mast makes those wings super responsive and very user friendly for an HA setup.

Still for sale. Price drop to $550 plus shipping. Including mast, mount, Uni Adapter, and mast cover.

PM for pics.

Bump - will sell for $475 plus shipping

Will also sell a package of Cedrus + Uni Mount + Hyper2 170 for $800 plus shipping ($50 discount).