FS - Ocean Rodeo Glide A-Series Wings 3m/4m/5m - Price Update

Selling 4m and 5m Ocean Rodeo Glide A-Series (full Aluula frame) wings. Both were warranty replacements (OR is very good with warranty) and have been used for less than a year. 5m has a very small canopy tear that has been taped and works perfectly. No repairs or issues on the 4m. Includes a carbon handle in front and soft handle in back, which I have found to be the best way to ride these wings.

Im thinking $750 each or $1400 for both (plus shipping). These are $1300-1500 new and are some of the best wings on the market.

Update - Ill sell them together (with the carbon handles) for $1250.

Updated price to $1250 (plus shipping)

I also have a 3m HL series if someone wants to make a deal on a full 5/4/3 quiver.

Trying again.

Ideally selling the 3/4/5 quiver together. 4/5 are both A-Series (full Aluula frame) and 3 is HL Series (Aluula strut). Will include 1 set of carbon handles, leashes (but I don’t have the wrist straps), and original bags. These wings are all in excellent condition. The 5m had a small canopy tear that has been professionally repaired by airtime and is both visually and functionally excellent. The others have never been damaged nor repaired.

I will have these wings in La Ventana March 24-30 if anyone wants them there (willing to make a deal if I can sell them there), otherwise would need to ship from NY the first week of April.

Was thinking $1500 plus shipping for the three wing quiver, but open to offers.

Excellent wings for sure. Someone should jump on this package.

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4m is sold.

Will sell the 3m HL series for $275 (split shipping).

Going to hold the 5m until I get my replacement wing, but willing to sell that in a month or two for $550 if someone is patient.