ISO Positive Vibes and a Takuma 1095

I broke my brother’s NoLimitz V1 mast yesterday while jumping. I was riding his 1095 Kujira alu fuse and KD Maui tail. And its all gone. FML

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Sorry buddy. That sucks. Is the entire mast gone? As in you snapped the mast bolts?

Upside is that all of that gear is easily replaceable at a discount so covering the loss isn’t as bad as it once was. Still, not the way you wanted to spend your money or trip I’m sure.

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Mast stayed on the board. It broke off at the adapter. So i still have the mast, but I dont think its still useable. Maybe if I cut it down to size?

Yes, and luckily I have basically the same set-up that I can let him use. Just no, 1095 which I was really digging at the time of the incident. Also its good, I was at my home lake and not on a trip!

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But was it a cool jump?

Sucks, sorry man.

If it’s shallow enough, you might be able to get a diver to search for it for you. Also, it looks like the cheapest underwater ROVs are cheaper than replacing a foil plane.

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If it’s any solace, I’ve been there - with a 1095. Snapped a Takuma aluminum mast and lost a foil about 20 minutes into my first session on a trip. Spent the next couple of days snorkeling looking for the foil. Believe it or not I actually found it two days later when the conditions died down and sand settled! Amazing the amount of corrosion the fuse took in only two days.

I know that :poop: feeling. Keep looking and maybe it will turn up.


Get in touch with No Limitz. They had a run of masts that failed because the adapter wasn’t glued in well enough.

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yes, of course, double back flip :wink:

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I’ve lost two complete foil setups. One was a takuma with its 3 M6 bolts - the loosened up a little but and then all three of them sheared off when I made a super radical turn (in my own mind at least). I immediately dove for it just with my eyes open underwater but I couldn’t see well enough even though I could reach the sandy bottom. So I took stock of where I was by shore landmarks and came back at low tide with a snorkel mask. 2 hours of diving with no luck, so I returned the next day and dove again for a few hours. After giving up, I decided to walk the shoreline to see if it washed up onshore - and there it was a quarter mile down the beach!

The second one was very similar to what you had happen where I lost Axis wing/fuse/tail when the mast broke. I dove for it the next day but visibility was so bad, so I came back with a rake and ran a search pattern but never found it. I gave up on that one.

Sucks so bad when it happens. This is an expensive sport!


Yea, it was the sidewall that cracked. I guess its good to know I’m not the only one.

I think it was glued okay. It just cracked and broke out of the mast.

I can get a 1095 for you. Do you still need one? Wish I would have saw this last week, my son-in law just flew to Maui…

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I’m homing in on a used one for around 400$, so I think I’ll be good! Thanks!

My 1095 sheared off. It has been by far my favorite foil for winging. It has a huge range speed wise and amazingly can handle shoulder high swell. And best of all, it turns amazingly well for a wide span wing. I can’t get the fuse piece out of the foil it’s jammed. And don’t really want to deal with all of the aluminum shimming on the fuse to foil connection.

What are the closest foils to the 1095? AFS has a 1050 but the span is narrower at 916mm vs. 940m and has a longer cord so is lower aspect so glide is likely compromised. I’ve tried others foils like the P170 and 140 but they can’t handle winging speeds or bigger swell like the 1095 could and are more pitchy (maybe it’s my tuning). But anyway, what are the latest recs? Ideally want something like the 1095 but a bit faster/thinner. Code? Probably will end up getting the 1050 but wanted to see what other options there are.

I find the Silk 1050 to be a better 1095 altogether (from my recollection of that foil which I was on about a year ago and really liked). 1050 turns better than the 1095, has equal or better top end and foot pressure is more even than the 1095 (which I found very front foot heavy - although I didn’t totally mind that). 1050 is slightly harder to pump and has slightly higher stall speed. Im hoping to try the new HA silk tails to improve the pump.

While the improvements mentioned above are all fairly minor, the solidity of the connections is the major improvement. The 1050 is just so solid. No flex, no wiggle and it inspires a lot more confidence than the 1095 did for me.

Im very happy with the Silks and the AFS system alltogether.

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