KT Wing Board For Sale - 130L

2022 KT Wing Drifter Board, 130L

In like new condition. Located in Massachusetts.

$1200 for just the board.

Hi Josh

How about 1,500.00


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Iā€™m only asking $1200!

Hi Josh


I thought i was replying to a different seller.

I am interested though. How about $1200. Including shipping?

How much does the board weigh?

What brand of foil was the board (box position)
Set up for?

I can probably do that. I will send you a message to coordinate.

The board has long boxes that should be able to accommodate any brand.

On the KT spec sheet is says that the board weighs 8.4kg.

My bad i thought we were talking about the downwind board. I am not interested in the wing board.

All the best