Lift/ takuma NoLimitz in stock for sale

I have 72 and 85 in stock at our shop.
They are hot!
Free shipping and no tax due to out of state.
Send me full name and email and I’ll send you an invoice to get them going.
I also have a ton of demo Armstrong gear flying out the door. Every wing available.

Hi -

john dodd
still have the 72?

for takuma please…jd

Sorry it was sold.
Just one 85 takuma left.
And a used 78 takuma:

I should have some coming in this week.
Want me to contact you when I have the takuma back in stock? I have them on order not for months as they are hot right now

I have a 72 and 85 lift.

Hy Dylan. Do you still have a NoLimitz for Lift in the 85?


Yes I do still have one on stock. They are $1220 brand new.
I also have takuma 85 and I have takuma to lift adaptor in stock. $100

Let me know what you want.
All I need is a full name, email and I’ll send you an invoice you can Pay online.
You can input your shipping address at check out.


thx Dylan… David Silverstein

This will ship out on Tuesday. Due to Labor Day Monday

Hey Dylan, do you have the takuma to lift adaptor still in stock? And any chance you’ve got a takuma to cabrinha adaptor?? Looking to get both if possible. Cheers!


I do have a takuma to lift.
I sold out of the takuma to Cab.
What size takuma NoLimitz are you looking for?


Who makes the Takuma to Cab? I would love to try that

I have them on order.
When I get them i can ship it out.
Would you like a takuma NoLimitz mast and the lift adaptor for now?


IKO Level III, 7028

Cel: 720-320-1764
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Typed on the beach with my iPhone, please excuse any typos!

thanks! I already have the lift adaptor

Dylan do you have any takuma to cab adapter for no limitz mast cheers

Cheers Dylan, I’ve already got the Takuma No limitz mast just chasing the adaptors. If you could let us know when you’ve got the cab adaptors back in stock that would be awesome! Any idea on the lead time??