Looking for a Progression 200

Located in Southern California but will pay to ship if the price is reasonable. Thanks!

I have a 200 I’ll sell. I’ve owned it for less than a year and maybe used it a dozen times mainly with foil drive on micro surf. It’s way to big for me or I’m way to small for it. I pretty much ride the 125 in everything now.

Excellent condition $700, you cover shipping.

Ah bummer, I just picked one up. Thanks though.

What do you weigh?

135lbs, I’m micro size and pretty light. I got the 200 because I thought I would be able to pump for miles but it feels like I’m pumping a dock every time no matter where I put it in the track. The 170 is probably a better option for me.

Hi, foil is still relevant?

Sold it already