New board shipping through airline experiences?

Hey gang. Ordered a new Dragonfly and am excited to try it. They ship the board to my local airport, which is fine, but I’m perplexed why AA cargo is taking so long to get it to me. It was booked to connect via one airport and then arrive on the same day. It made the first flight, but missed the connecting flight and they either sent it to the wrong airport (PHL) or updated it to some weird new routing. I think it will have at least one more connection before it gets to me (IAD), but has been sitting in PHL the last few days. Does anyone have any experience with this? Is this typical? Is there anything I can do with AA cargo to get it moving along or should I just stay patient? THX!

That’s frustrating. Doubtful anything you can do but wait. However, definitely open it on site and confirm it’s not damaged. If you drive away and its wrecked then you’re hosed.

I had 3 customs destroyed that came from Australia (melted on the tarmac somewhere).
Have seen dragonfly’s cracked at the step box.
Have seen hull punctures on other brands.

So, definitely look it over so you can file a claim on site if anything is wrong.

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Definitely have the shipper/person/store reach out to AA. This is unusual

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I must be lucky. I have had a total of 7 boards shipped to me this way over a 12~ year span. Never had damage.
But many of them end up going to 3 or more cities than you think they should.

Not totally sure, but I think the baggage for passengers is weighed in, then a percentage of available weight is given to cargo. So if yours doesn’t make it, sometimes it gets rerouted to try to “save” time.

I will add that its definitely worth paying an extra $20-30 for foil faced bubble wrap. This stuff will save your neck when its hot.

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The two times I’ve picked up downwind boards at a cargo facility made me realize that these facilities are not used to being customer facing. Plan for the pickup to take more time than you think.

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Board arrived safe and sound. The AA cargo guys at IAD were friendly and helpful, but would advise giving it several hours or even a day AFTER the website says it’s “ready for pick up.” In my case, my board wasn’t even on a plane for the last leg and was still on the truck enroute to the cargo facility a few hours after AA cargo said it was ready for pick up.

KT packaged the board really well and arrived damage free!