No Limitz mast, Cabrinha gear for sale

NL v1 76cm custom size mast with Cabrinha adapter, in excellent condition, no oxidation at all, 9/10 $425
MKII H700 in like new condition, 9.5/10 $400
H800 most scratches filled and sanded, 6/10 $220
Monobloc stabilizer cut to 12.5”, 6/10
V180 stabilizer, 9.5/10 $120
KD Maui 13R, 5/10 $50
Cabrinha fuselage, top mounted, minor scratches 8/10 $90
Foil Parts bottom mounted fuselage, 10/10 $110
Will sell the entire package for $900
Located in Hawaii, buyer pays shipping

Hello Gliiide! Have these items sold yet? Thanks!

Still available

Is the mast available?

All gear has sold

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