Progression 170 Complete - $1600

Selling my Progression 170 with a few different tail options.

$1600 for one set of tails, one fuse, front wing and mast.

Progression 170
83cm katana mast
Short fuse
Progression 13.5, 13inch 3 pack or 14inch 3 pack
Titanium hardware and shims

Also have a viper 150 I would sell for cheep

DM if you have any questions!
Located in Norfolk VA
Happy to ship at buyers expense

We should make a rule that when someone sells something we gotta say what brand were switching to. Code?


I just have way too much stuff. Actually looking for a 140 or a 125!

Guilty lol

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Hey there! Id be interested in just the front wing if you want to sell that alone. I’ve also got a 140 I could part with if you’d want to trade?

Defiantly interested! Might wait a couple days and see if anyone wants the complete kit. Ill shoot you a DM

Word! My 140 isn’t quite as fresh but I’d be happy to throw in some cash for any difference.

Happy to sell with a Short or Medium fuse