Project Cedrus adapters $50-$60 and fuses

Adapters for Project Cedrus mast (OG one).

Takuma 3xM6 (750/980/1095/1210/1440 etc) $50
Cabrinha v1 3xM6 $50
Cabrinha v2 3xM6 or 2xM6 plus barrel $60

Lift $60
SPG $60

Foilparts carbon fuse (bottom mount tail) $120
Foilparts aluminum fuse (bottom mount/longer length) $100 (not pictured)
Stringy fuselage for Project Cedrus mast fits Takuma Kujira (750/980/1095/1210/1440 etc) $150

Discount for multiple items

Approximately $20-$25 additional for fedex/usps to mainland or outer island. Local pickup for Oahu.

I’d like to buy the Takuma Fuse.
Just got my cedrus mast and prefer to buy your fuse vs the adapter.
Drop me a txt: 707-900-1646