Pump foil - useful for learning how to pump or not?

Hi everyone, I would like to improve my pumping technique but my goal is to pump my current kit (ha 1125 )
My question is: do a specific pump foil ( in particular the Apf 1675 ) helps in learning how to pump or is it better to stick to what I have already have because they are too easy so i won’t be able to pump my current kit anyways?

My theory: more time pumping helps you become more proficient pumper. …so a pump-specific foil is valuable tool if you want to become a better pumper.


In the early stages of pumping most people seem to be heavy footed with the pump, so having a solid platform like the apf 1675 to push off of would definitely be helpful. The short chord of the ha 1125 will probably require a bit more finesse. Like gonefoiling said more time pumping is only gonna help you.

Earlier post on Dock start vs Prone pumping covered s9me different opinions How did you learn how to pump? - #15 by rycpt

From my experience learning to pump a variety of different foils helps a lot in the long term for overall pumping any foil. Yes it will take a while to get used to a new setup if the pump is a little different but if and when you ever go back to a setup after learning a few others it will feel amazing.

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Time on foil equals to time learning and improving how to pump, so yeah take a foil that allows you to pump easily and improve your technique.
As you get more efficient at pumping, staying high on the mast and improving cardio, will allow you to use smaller foils.

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