Sabfoil Kraken Carbon Base Plate & Kraken Fuselage "F703K" ($350 for both)

Kraken Carbon Mast Plate “PO2K” (non quick release; could be added) / $165
Kraken Fuselage “F703K” (M8 bolts = “strong”) / $185
Both: “Excellent” Condition

Perfect for Wing Foiling (94cm Mast has been sold); Pick and source a Kraken Mast, and you are away! Basically - 50% off of retail for base and fuselage.

Located: Hood River

Probably BEST to text me at: FiveFourOne, ThreeEightZero, OneEightTwoNine (vs. PMing here)


Hi there, I wonder if you still have the carbon plate available. Thanks.