Small kite for downwind starts

Flying from the hands it pulled way harder than I expected. Yeah on a fast DW board, so as soon as you start moving I think will start to pull even more.

Primary objective is something that I can make an across-wind angle to get further out to sea without needing to take a wing, in 20kn.

Secondary is getting faster foils up reliably, and open for discovery is how well it works in lighter winds.

Here is another, must be under 1m? diameter 48" ~ 1.1m² . Looks way smaller anyway

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Super curious of you can make upwind progress with something like this? In Vancouver/squamish area we can have nice windswell, but logistics to downwind shuttle don’t often work. Looking for a solution to just repeat a 1mile stretch pinching upwind and swell riding down over and over again. Having fun doing it with a wing, but being able to ride back down without it flagging would be awesome!

I imagine this could be a solution for wave foiling too if you can tuck it away well enough and surf foil/prone paddle. Could make getting past the impact zone more feasible for those of us getting pounded with wings on beach breaks!

I think for the first option a wing will be way better. I don’t think the angles will be good enough with the kites. The Nasa shape specifically doesn’t pull much at the edge of the wind window, and that is with kite lines. I will be satisfied for just making better than a broad reach, otherwise I’d do the deflate inflate option.

Wave foiling - yeah could be. I have a small pump and want to try inflate the wing behind the break, seems to me the best way to deal with most of the big breaking waves. But the kite could be an interesting solution to ‘paddle out to the back, get on foil with the kite on the outside, angle towards the peak and stow the kite and hit a big bomb wave’

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Intrigued… Any further experience to share anyone?

Low wind start.
Not sure it will work on foil

Cool idea, I think integrating something into the SUP paddle would be a cool evolution on this idea, as long as you can keep a smooth airfoil shape for upwind performance.

Decathlon tent. : Paddle used a boom, shaft in thé roof ,tent pôles as leading edge, double skin so you Can extend thé surface
Never done it but you Can fold it on thé water and you get your paddle back. It bents in strong winds…i have used the pôles of 2 tents to solve thé problèm bit i guess its not stiff though