Sold! Lift 28” Mast For Sale

Letting go of my 28” Lift mast. I bought it new and have always given it a thorough fresh water rinse after each session. It’s in great condition with only the typical scuffing on the head and some light scratches around the baseplate bolt passthroughs.

Asking $500. Located in Brevard County, FL but will ship within US with shipping cost split 50/50 with buyer. I can take payment via Venmo / Cash App / PayPal or cash for local buyers.

Someone in Europe selling a Lift mast?

Still for sale? Thinking about it. I am in Canada, but have a shipping place in Washington state I can use.

@juandesooka Yup, still for sale. Have a few folks pinging me about it but nobody has committed yet.


@Erik , doesn’t look like I have an ability to add a “- SOLD” to the topic title. Any thoughts on how we should mark/close out a For Sale topic?

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I’ll look into it. Maybe change the heading? Stoked you sold it!!!

Yessir, gotta keep my foil budget balanced :laughing:

Weird how I can edit my normal reply posts but not the original post that starts the topic. Glad you were able to make the edit!

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