***SOLD*** Lift Foils for Sale - 170 HA, 200 HA, 250 Surf V2, 40 Surf, 34 Surf, 32 Glide, 25 Glide, Wing Covers

I’ve switched foil brands and have some Lift front wings and tails for sale.

  • 170 High Aspect Front Wing - $350 - scratches and tips have been worn down a bit but still works great
  • 250 Surf V2 Front Wing - $700 - excellent condition, like new, rarely used
  • 200 High Aspect Front Wing - $400 - scratches and tips, in a little better condition than the 170
  • 40 Surf Tail - $150 - good condition
  • 34 Surf Tail - $150 - good condition
  • 32 Glide - $200 - excellent condition, rarely used
  • 25 Glide - $50 - scratched and has some damage that was repaired but works fine
  • 2 Wing Covers - $35 for both - one is in great shape and the zipper is hard to move on the other but it does work

I’m in the Jacksonville FL area but would be open to shipping if needed.


Can you please send me more details/photos of the 170HA and the 32 glide?

you can text me: (713) 614-8743

Yes, but I might not be able to get back to you for a couple of days.

Did you have a chance to send by text? I did not receive anything yet.

What info do you need exactly?

Just added a 200 HA and 40 Surf tail to the list.

Everything is gone except the 200 HA, come and get it! It’s a great wing to prone foil tiny waves or for winging.

all of this gear is sold now