Strike v3, Cloud IX wings/foils, Fusion board

Board, wings, foils for sale in the PDX/Gorge region.

My wings are never jumped and have no repairs unless noted.

4.2m Cloud IX Ho’Okipa frame: 24 lightwind sessions $800

3.5m Cloud IX Wind Wing: 1 airtime canopy repair. 10 sessions $350

3m Strike v3: 2 sessions for testing purposes. Like new $600

2m Strike v3: 5 sessions for high wind testing. Like new. $600

Freedom Fusion board. New, never ridden. 4’9"x19.9" 38.1l featherlight, 7lbs 6oz $600

Cloud IX Surf Foils:

fs1000 a couple super minor scuffs, no whistling, rides normal: $500

fs850 a few scratches, no whistling, rides normal: $500

If you need a stab or fuse with it I can probably spare one.