Takuma carbon t-bar mast/1300 LOL/220 tail

I previously listed the mast along with the bigger lol’s and aluminum masts, but decided it’d be better to offer it with a proper surf foil: the 1300. Erik says good things about this foil during a tour of his garage. Good learning setup, or just a way to get into takuma. Mast is barely used, wing has light wear. $850 OBO

The foil looked a tad dingy in the above photo so I cleaned it up and took more. Also, it fits in the 980 cover! And this was a 1300:


Would you be interested in selling the mast by it self

I would actually, as part of me wants to keep the 1300 for lighter beginners. Where are you?

Excellent. I am in Florida. How much are you asking for the mast?

I messaged you directly.


I would like to purchase the mast.
How to you want to proceed?
Is the mast truly in like new condition?


Sounds good

Thank you

Looks good. I will take it. Do you have the base shim for it.
Does Paypal work for you


I do have the base shim actually, I’ll throw that in. Now I need to find a box for it…. PayPal works. My number is 207-838-9944 lets text going forward.