Unifoil Set for sale $1500 - Hyper 210 V2 / Katana 75cm mast / Md. Fuse

Dropping price need to sell ASAP. like new. located in San Francisco area, can ship.

13 or 14 inch tails?

13" tails - the G10 tailpack

I’m interested, just let me know what shipped to Hawaii would be.

Hey! I still have it available- I do have one local buyer who is interested. If they don’t take it I am happy to ship to hawaii for the added cost, and am doing some research into how much that will be. I’ve attached photos of the setup. Thanks!

(Attachment Uni-pics.zip is missing)

I guess I tried to send too many pics at once.

I’ve heard if you post it on facebook marketplace and sell it through there, they will give you cheap shipping labels. (Do the transaction privately, then put a new ad up on facebook marketplace for $25 let’s say and then use their shipping option)

Looks good. Let me know if your local guy backs out.

Local gal bought it, sorry about that!