Unifoil Wings & Fuses

Selling some Unifoil gear. All foils in like new condition. If you want close up video or pics of anything, direct message me. No hardware included; need it for other Uni foils. Willing to ship if buyer pays.


Prog 170 - $675
Hyper 2 170 - $500
Long 2 bolt fuse: $200
Vyper 150 - $575 (prefer to sell the Vyper & Med fuse together)
Medium 1 bolt fuse: $200

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The Pro 170 has been SOLD. That went fast

I have a brand new, unused Progression 170, along with (also new 2-bolt) short and a long fuses, and a 14" tail pack. (why?! My order took quite some time to arrive and meanwhile I had an opportunity to get on Code). I’m in San Francisco, but can ship in original box.

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What country are you in and what currency?

I’m located in Central California. US dollars only

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Price drop: Vyper 150 & Medium 1 bolt fuse: $700 + shipping