Ventilation: tail vs. wing

This question/thought was inspired by the most recent episode. Up to now, my assumption has been that when the tail loses grip, the board nose dives and is unrecoverable, particularly when it’s providing more down force. My best evidence of this is what happens, in my experience, on an efoil when just the prop surfaces: it nose dives, I think because the cavitation from the prop hits the tail, while the foil is definitely fine.

My experience with front foils, stalling at least, is more of an elevator, the board drops evenly and might skip off the water or not but you don’t definitely fall.

Am I crazy?

I think the difference your feeling on the eFoil is ventilation from the prop happens deep enough that the tail can recover while surf foil tail vent happens at the surface so it comes out of the water and is unrecoverable.