$850 Go Foil V2 mast, RS850, GT1400 + tails

V2 80 cm mast
RS 850 - has been repaired
GT 1400
FTL 14
Race 20 tail cut down to 17"

$850 for all.
Located Jupiter FL
Can send more pictures.

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Awesome price for an awesome package

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Price reduced to $850 for the whole kit.

Hi SailandFish,

My name is Tom, and I am interested in this gear. Lets start with shipping- are you OK to ship to Bellingham?

Hi Tom, shipping cost is on you, and I have no idea what the cost would be. I’m in Jupiter, FL if you want to research it.

Am also interested if you can ship to France (I would cover those costs) do you have an estimate of the weight of all the set once packed up ? And rough dimensions of a box that would fit everything ?

To all inquiring about shipping. To ship all of this you will need a box measuring 41" x 26" x 7" and a weight of 7 Lbs.

The approximate cost to ship across the US to Washington State is $150. I assume international shipoing will be more. I can accept zelle, cash or checks. Not going to play PayPal games, and not adding other apps. Not sure that zelle works internationally.

Here are some more photos of the gear.

I’m keen on taking the set, just simulated shipping with USPS and you are right it is expensive, though I would still be interested. Only issue is Zelle doesn’t seem to be available outside the US. If you are up to reconsider going through PayPal I can shoot you my WhatsApp number via DM and we can hash out the details and maybe setup a video call to get a closer look at the gear.
If not no harm no foul I’m sure you’ll end up finding someone more local interested in your offer.

Pirateship.com is a great website for cheap shipping.

Only the V2 mast is still available. $300 for the mast.

I’m interested in the mast. Will you ship it?

All is sold