Gofoil RS 850, 80cm v2, FTL 10.5 Price Reduction $1100

Gofoil RS 850, 80cm v2, FTL 10.5 For Sale $1100.

850 wing has some scratches, all superficial. Mast is new pristine, tail has a few superficial scratches.

what are yo moving to?

Not sure yet, probably the AFS Silk. The RS 850 is a great gliding HA, I’m getting the longest rides of my life, but I’d rather have something that performs in the pocket, especially for ding.

any chance you would sell the 10.5 separate?

That’s the only part I wouldn’t sell seperate(gotta sell one of the others first).

RS1000 goes well with 80cm v2 and 10.5

I got an old damaged and repaired RS 1000 that comes with as well. Buy the mast and tail for $800 and I’ll throw in the RS 1000 for free. Gotta emphasize its not pretty but it works fine!

I’m considering this, how do I reach you directly?

Price reduced! Killer deal someone take it!

Is your go foil gear still avail for sale?

No, it’s gone