Alchemy Fuse w/ adapter heads

Lucky for someone, but not for me, that I picked now to unload my Armstrong gear. This setup is great and will be even better with the new Army masts. Alchemy is everything it advertises and if you enjoy playing with different combinations the possibilities are endless. Would prefer to sell it all as on package but DM if you would like to look at only one or two of the heads.

Fuse - sold
Axis Black, Takuma, and Armstrong heads - sold

Sending a DM to you now

How was your experience with these? Did you have to fully disassemble every session to avoid corrosion?

Hey man, good experience with Alchemy. Only decided to sell because I moved away from Army. Im mostly a fresh water guy so corrosion was not an issue. There is some space where water could be trapped between the fuse and head. Fuse is titanium and heads are aluminum. Screws are SS and maybe TI would be better. Hope that helps.

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Good to know. I didn’t realize the fuse was Ti. I may need to pick one up. If only it was compatible with the Lift/Cab style combination wing/fuse i’d be set with the new mast.