Amundson Fire Bolt(tow) feedback

New to the forum and appreciate all the amazing content and knowledge being shared.

Does anyone tow with the Amundson Fire Bolt and have some thoughts on it?



I only have experience with an amundson strapped kite surf board but the design / build was top tier . I bet the amundson foil boards are top shelf too. Would love to try one some day.

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Have about 15 sessions towing on the 4’6 now since the beginning of April- pulled the trigger. I am a bigger guy- 200lbs so went with his stock 4’6 instead of the 4’2. Solid board and bomber construction. Really makes a world of difference compared to towing on my prone board that is a 4’8 big boy. Definitely takes some getting used to pulling up on a smaller foil for the larger days without board float, but figured it out.

By now I assume you pulled the trigger on something. I have the Fire Bolt tow board 4-6 as well. Agree with all comments above. I love the board but there are easier boards to get up on. The easiest one I have ever tried is the Armstrong WKT. It’s only an issue when you tow with someone with less skill.