Looking for advice on board

I am foiling behind a boat, dock starting/pump foiling. I am looking for a new board.
I had a Kanah Shapes 3’6" that I was using early on a few years back and snapped that in half.
I got the Armstrong 4’11" last year and did not love it. It seems too heavy and not nible enough.
I was thinking the new low profile Armstong or the Axis Tray.
I tried an appletree and didn’t really like that.
I am 5’11", 215 lbs.
I also kite foil and wing. Kite foil is a Kanah Shapes and my wing board is the KT Ginxu 92 liter.

Thanks for any input.

Its a year later and no replies. Did you ever find a board you like? I am same height, weight, and disciplines at the moment.

I was looking at the slingshot puddle pumper but found this so I thought I would ask.

Thanks for any input.

I started dock starting and wake foiling on a Slingshot WF board. There was definitely flex in the board, but when learning, I didn’t know better .
I blew the box out on ithe WF and it was replaced with a Slingshot Dwarf Craft kite style board which seemed more solid overall. This style board is also nice around boats as it will go in board racks etc without damage

Once you are proficient with wake foiling and dock starting to pump, lightweight, short and stiff works best. Carbon seems like the obvious choice.

I have been through 3 “carbon” boards that just weren’t stiff enough and all 3 ended up blowing boxes. I ended up back on the Dwarf Craft and its still going strong.

Now I have an Amos Gen Z 3’11” on the way. Time will tell whether its the one, but I have high hopes.