Armstrong hs1050

-HS 1050 (very little signs of wear, good condition) SOLD

  • 72" A+ Mast (used 5 times, basically brand new) SOLD

-72" A+ Mast (Cracked down the middle, rode it this way for multiple months- good for loaning to friends :smile: included with other mast if you want. Will not sell separate)

-60 A+fuse (rode over a year, no issues)- SOLD

  • Second fuse SOLD

Will include bags and screws

I simply outgrew this gear and desire different characteristics in my set up now. This is priced so that other people can get into foiling because its just too damn expensive. I have heard amazing things about the new MA wings and this would be a good way to secure a setup and have room to experiment and grow.

I will happily send any close ups pictures upon request.

Happy Foiladays!