For Sale: Armstrong MA1000 Package with 85 A+ V2 Mast - $1900

MA1000 Package with 85 A+ V2 Mast

All gear like new (very gently used fewer than 5 times). I have almost identical post here with different mast. if you’re intested shoot me a reply and i’ll get ya more photos of specific gear. This is a “how I treat me gear” placeholder photo. All I could stand to place it directly on the concrete but it was the best background so I did it very carefully. :slight_smile:


MA A+ Front Wing with cover
Flow 235 A+ Rear Wing with cover
85 A+ V2 Mast with cover
60cm A+ Titanium Fuselage
Pro Shim Kit (2x 0.5 PC Shims & 2x 1.0 PC Shims)
Titanium Board Mounting T-Nut and M7 Screws
Custom Wingscrews (Thumbscrews-$80 value)
Foil Screw Set
T30 Torx Tool
Foil Kit Carry Bag