Armstrong Tracks distance from tail?

Hi, I asked TJ at Big Winds, what the distance is on an Armstrong board for mast tracks as I am looking to buy an Armstrong mast/foil, he didn’t have a board to measure. I searched the forum, but does anyone know the distance from the tail to the rear of the tracks and to the front on a 85 ish and 70 ish liter wing board? I only have 10 inch boxes, I think Armstrong might be longer. Thanks Steve

This is a pic of the original SKT. The new Wing boards that replaced it are about and 1" further forward.

Thanks, I got on the Armstrong site and scaled the wingsurf 4’10". it is 7 inches from the tail. then goes 12.5 inches up from there. I have been setting my boxes at 9".

The 75 L FG wing board tracks start at about 13 inches from the tail. The tracks are 12 1/2” long


Thanks that is a lot, I set my boxes at 9.5 inches, we will see when I try it. Steve