How far should the boxes be set back from the rear of board? Particularly for Lift foils

Hi all,

I have moved to Lift foils a while back and riding the 150 Surf2 and more recently the 170 HA and loving them both.

I have found that I have moved them as far forward in the boxes on my prone board (4’6") as possible and feels like they could still be pushed further forward. At the moment the rear screws on the mast base plate are about 21 cm from the rear of the board.

Keen for some feedback on how far from the rear of the board others are finding to be the sweet spot. Obviously there will be variation depending on types of waves, feel you like etc but am keen to see what suits most as I will be looking for a new board and want to make sure I can locate the foil where I need it.


Hey Capdog!

I am surprised no one has chimed in on this. While everyone rides different mast positions I do find as we advance and also with the higher aspect foils that we are moving the mast further and further forward. I too have run out of track on my board and am now building a new board with 16inch tracks. I think the 10inch tracks are just too short nowadays. And I know we can keep setting the boxes further foward I believe longer tracks as the solution so we are not limited to a brand of foil to suit that board.

Cheers, Chris

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Someone needs to make longer tracks with built in stringers to stiffen the boards.

Amosshapes is releasing a new prone surf model with 16” tracks for this reason, it’s called The Nitro, you can check it out in their Instagram.

Yep, my new plan is pull out the 12 inch boxes I have and replace them with these 16 inch ones.

Im guessing longer fin boxes will be come the norm for stock boards to cater for the different foil set up requirements across brands.