Axis ART, Cedrus, KD Maui, 2x wingboards

Big gear sale to clear out space for lots of new stuff coming on the market. Everything is in excellent riding condition, no flaws but used. Willing to ship all but the boards and would prefer to sell the foil together if anyone wants a full setup. California SF Bay Area.

$275 Axis ART 899 front wing $275
$300 Axis ART 999 front wing $300
$325 Axis ART 1099 front wing $325
$175 Axis Standard Black Fuselage, modified to fit both Axis and 30mm spacing tails
$150 KD Maui 13.5" tail (similar to Axis 350P)
$150 KD Maui 15" tail (similar to Axis 375P)
$500 Project Cedrus Clydesdale 75cm, with Axis adapter (fits the black fuselage above)
$1400 all of the above

$700 Custom 5’8" x 30" 117L wing and SUP board
All Carbon, tuttle + tracks, RSPro rail tape, Cork Hextraction, Goofy front strap holes, tail handle. Watertight and Light! Gets up early and pumps great.
$1000 Custom 5’2" x 26" 90L wingfoil board
All Carbon, built super light by Kings, slightly concave deck, strap inserts, Cork hextraction. Used less than 10 times, in cherry condition.

Both boards, the KD tails, and the 1099 are still available

Interested in the 117L board. Is this a good place to lob a few questions or can we connect by phone? Is Cedrus still avail or sold? Thanks.

Hi Adam, if you want to connect on the phone drop me a message with your number and we can chat. Happy to do it. Or you could put the discussion here.

A little more info off the top of my head - I designed this board as a kind of copy of the Kalama SUP shapes he was doing a few years back. Very stable side to side and as short as this much volume can reasonably be for good pumping. I had it CNC cut and final shaped by Ryan, the founder of Earth Technologies. The boxes are installed super strong and the lamination is all carbon. It was a very expensive custom built board that has held up extremely well. There is no damage and certainly no leaks. I rode it extensively as a foil SUP in all kinds of surf conditions and then learned to wing on it. It does both very well. Because of its short length, it doesn’t paddle very fast in the water, but it is very good to pump out of the water either with a wing or getting on a wave.

Interested in the KD tails, can you drop me your number ?

edited, posted by mistake

Still have the KD tails available?

I have the 15" still