Axis gear for sale

Selling a few Axis wings. Can turn this into a complete setup if you are just getting into Axis. I have an axis red series, standard length fuselage and doodad (not pictured) I would be willing to sell. If you bought the fuse, mast, front wing and rear wing you would only need a $100 (new) baseplate adapter to have a complete foil setup. Would prefer to only sell the mast and fuse along with a wing since a complete setup will be easier to find a buyer for (at least locally for me).

All wings are in great shape with just a few small scratches from normal wear and tear.

All items are listed individually but I would also consider package deals.

Axis 19mm aluminum mast-680mm length. $60

Axis Surf Performance 860 carbon wing. $350

Axis S-Series 920 carbon wing. $350

Axis 440 carbon tail wing. $120

Also up for trades (or purchase) for a black series fuse and ART wings. Would love to try to get my hands on a 1099 or 999.!

I’d be interested in the 65 mast and standard fuse. I’m located in sf, ca

Hey man. Thanks for the interest. At this point id like to hang onto the fuse and mast for anyone wanting a complete setup. Ive gotten a little interest locally on marketplace from people wanting to get into the sport and looking for a complete rig and figure this stuff may have more value/be easier to sell if i can offer as a complete setup. Still willing to sell front wings individually if interested. Just updated the post to reflect this. Thanks!

I’ve got a short red fuse for sale in Santa Cruz CA

Still for sale. Would make an awesome package for someone looking to get into multiple foil disciplines!

I’m still wanting the mast and fuse