Axis Foils- 1201, 899, 900, 375P and more

Axis front foils, masts, fuselage, and rear tails for sale:
Axis 1201 Art Pro- Perfect condition, very minor surface scratches, used less than 3 times. $650
Axis 899 Art-- Good condition, surface scratches. Tips are cut (like a SF) which makes it less prone to breaches and loosens and speeds it up. SpArts. $300
Axis Spitfire 900- Great Condition, surface scratches. $500
Axis Masts- one is cut at 26 the other 27.5. $ 100 for mast (one) with doodad and plate. 140$ for all of it. Ok condition. lots of surface scratches.
325 P tail- decent condition. Scratches, no chips. $120.
420 Pump V2- great condition, scratches.
Black Adv Crazyshort fuse- decent condition. $140
$1780 for take-all - 200$ off ala carte.
Please dm me for details- buyer pays shipping. Only US.

Where are you located?

Can a mast be cut to 14" without much trouble or would you have to re-tap the bolt threads?

I believe Axis aluminum masts are threaded all the way through.

They are not threaded all the way through. You have to tap n thread them. If your only cutting an inch you could probably get a way with it but with a shorter bolt.

Do you still have the Spitfire 900? Where are you located?