Axis PNG 1150, 460 tail, red short fuse, 75cm mast, plate and doodad

This is a complete setup that I pieced together. I found another complete kit with BSC wing that is better for my needs so selling this for what I have into it.

$1150 - split shipping with buyer.

PNG1150 - used condition with some light sanding at the wingtips and light scratches from use. There is a small amount of raised bumps near the fuselage connection. Axis says no concern!

460 tail - like new condition

Short fuse - use marks at the head. Slight rub mark on tail.

75cm mast - good used condition

Baseplate - brand new
Doodad - brand new
Hardware kit - brand new

Can send more pics if needed.

If you want to piece it out I will buy your fuse, plate and doodad

Not ready to part out just yet. Will let you know if I do.

I might have a full kit buyer for you just told him about it…do you have any other axis wings?

None that I’m willing to sell at the moment.

I’m just getting in the Axis eco system so only have a BSC wing. Not 6+ wings deep like some guys :slight_smile: